Makan Beras Merah, Rahasia Ramping Yeyen

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MENGAKU makan banyak, tubuh Yeyen Lydia tetap terlihat ramping dan berisi. Lantas, apa rahasia kemolekan tubuhnya tersebut?

Meski sudah memiliki satu anak, bodi seksi Yeyen tak pernah berubah. Kerampingan tubuhnya tetap terjaga keindahannya hingga saat ini. Tak heran, imej seksi selalu melekat padanya.

Yeyen mengatakan sebenarnya tidak ada trik khusus menjaga keindahan tubuhnya tersebut. Bahkan, tidak ada diet ketat yang dijalaninya demi memertahankan tubuhnya.

“Aku beneran enggak diet. Malah makanku banyak. Cuma sekarang ini aku sudah beralih dari beras putih ke beras merah,” katanya kepada okezone di MNC Plaza, Selasa (17/1/2011).

Mengubah pola makan dari beras putih ke beras merah memang memiliki manfaat tersendiri bagi wanita kelahiran 1978 ini. Berkat pola sehatnya tersebut, ia merasakan badannya jadi lebih ringan meski tak melakukan aktivitas fisik.

“Aku tuh sebenarnya malas olahraga. Mungkin karena faktor usia juga. Tapi dulu sewaktu masih remaja, aku rajin banget olahraga, dari berenang sampai aerobik,“ tutur Yeyen.

Selain menjaga pola makan dengan beras merah tersebut, Yeyen berbagi rahasia tubuh seksinya tersebut.

“Selain berganti ke beras merah, aku juga rutin minum jamu,“ tutupnya. (ind)

Cathy Sharon Rela Tak Nyaman demi Nasi Merah

Cathy Sharon Rela Tak Nyaman demi Nasi Merah

JAKARTA, — Demi mendapatkan nasi merah, Cathy Sharon (28) lebih senang makan di kantin karyawan di lokasi parkir mobil lantai ruang bawah tanah Pondok Indah Mal, Jakarta. Meskipun tak senyaman dan tak sesejuk tempat makan di dalam mal, setiap pekan Cathy pasti mampir makan nasi merah di kantin itu sebelum atau setelah nge-gym di mal itu.

”Aku emang doyan nasi merah. Kata pelatih pribadiku, ada satu warung aja di kantin itu yang jual nasi beras merah,” kata Cathy, yang ditemui seusai penyerahan penghargaan Museum Rekor-Dunia Indonesia (Muri) kepada Heavenly Blush (HB) Yoghurt Bar di Pondok Indah Mal (PIM), Minggu (21/2/2010).

Selain nasi beras merah, Cathy ternyata juga doyan dengan yoghurt sejak kecil. Karena itu, dia lalu didaulat menjadi ikon HB. ”Sejak kecil doyan. Dulu, sih, minumnya yoghurt home made. Sehari bisa dua mangkuk, lho. Belum ada frozen yoghurt seperti sekarang,” kata Cathy yang setiap malam ngemil yoghurt sebelum tidur.

Bagi Cathy, mengonsumsi yoghurt dan es krim jauh berbeda rasanya. Sebanyak apa pun yoghurt yang diminum, kata Cathy, tidak akan membuat merasa bersalah memikirkan berapa kalori yang sudah dikonsumsi. ”Setelah minum yoghurt berasa beda aja. Lebih enak aja di perut dan lancar urusan ’belakang’,” kata Cathy sambil tertawa. (LUK)

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The new “world’s thinnest” in smartphones

Huawei Ascend P1 S and P1 hands-on – SlashGear.

This week the folks at Huawei have dropped a bomb: they’ve got the new “world’s thinnest” in smartphones with the Huawei Ascend P1 S – and we’ve got a hands-on look at both it and its slightly heavier brother, the P1 (with no S). These devices are, as they’ve told us at Pepcom, essentially the exact same as one another except for their size and price. The P1 S will cost slightly more than the P1 and is just a tiny bit thinner. Both models also run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with a special “3D” home screen launcher working here in the demo units.

You’ll be in for a treat here with these two devices as while Huawei’s other devices here in the United States have been interesting, they’ve never had an undeniably strange interface as this. Sneak a peek at the video to understand what’s going on here, and check out the pictures to see how thick these devices are compared to one another and compared to the Galaxy S II from AT&T. NOTE in the video that I mistake the P1 (yellow back here, also pink back in photos below) for the P1 S, shown in this post with a lovely black back.

Also take a peek back at the announcement post to see the rest of the specifications on both of the devices. Also note that both of these devices have no prices and no release date as of yet, but we’ve confirmed with Huawei that we’re looking at a 2012 release date for the USA without a doubt.

Day 5 Week 2 of The 30 Day Challenge – Glory to the Booty Workout!

Day 5 Week 2 of The 30 Day Challenge – Glory to the Booty Workout!

Hi Bodyrockers,

We are SMASHING through another week with TWO Rep challenge workouts for you !!

The Facebook pages are going crazy with 100?s of body rockers who after only 2 Weeks now feel healthier, fitter, stronger, leaner and are now leading a healthier lifestyle & eating foods that support their training YAY :)!!! If any of you guys are struggling, lacking motivation or need help with anything PLEASE take advantage of being able to connect personally with Lisa & Sean on their Facebook pages. Sometimes just a simple word of encouragement can make all the difference. They are online to help and they really do love hearing from you. You can reach Lisa hereand Sean here.

All the effort is paying off with the results you are seeing every single day & it’s only going to get better as we move through to week 3.

Please keep posting you results as these help motivate others :). BodyRockers are there for each other so reach out and share the love 🙂

Lets finish off this week with these last 2 workouts before you get two well deserved active rest days. We will be posting some iPhone videos over the weekend so check back in with us 🙂

Enjoy it & Keep Rocking!!!


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Photographs Echo Traditional Chinese Paintings

Photographs Echo Traditional Chinese Paintings – My Modern Metropolis.

The late photographer Don Hong-Oai split his time between San Francisco and his native land of China in his later years, photographing the country in a classic way. Using an old Asian photography technique, Hong-Oai captured stunning scenery with an abundance of elements that echo traditional Chinese paintings.

The artist’s portfolio of work is really a series of mind-blowing trickery. Though they appear to be age-old paintings or ink drawings on long scrolls of parchment, they are, in fact, remarkable photographs. Placing beautifully traditional calligraphy and including time-appropriate motifs (birds, boats, mountains) adds to the illusion of time and age of the images. You can check out a more of Hong-Oai’s incredible photography on Flickr.

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‘Twilight’ Could Continue After ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Lionsgate Buys Summit; Studio Head Suggests ‘Twilight’ Could Continue After ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2? | /Film.

Here’s a story in two parts. The first part is that, after a very long series of negotiations that goes back to 2008, a deal was finalized today in which Lionsgate will purchase Summit Entertainment for $412.5m in cash and stock. Part of the impetus for the sale is the ending Twilight film series, which concludes this fall with the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2. Or does that planned conclusion really have to be the end of Twilight?

While Summit investors wanted to get this deal done before Twilight ended and Summit’s overall value fell, it seems like some at Lionsgate don’t feel like Twilight has to be done. Today Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said he hopes to continue Twilight in some form, either in film or television.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens on November 16, and should be a huge release for Summit, and now Lionsgate. But Lionsgate, which has already pushed theSaw series to more installments than can be counted on one hand, may try to further exploit Twilight.

Speaking to the LA Times, Feltheimer said, “I’m anticipating ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2? being $700 million-plus in worldwide box office.”

He was asked about “whether the franchise would continue in some form,” to which Feltheimer answered,

It’s hard for me to imagine a movie that does $700 million-plus doesn’t have ongoing value. It’s an amazing franchise that they have done a great job of maintaining with absolutely no deterioration. So the simple answer is ‘Boy I hope so.’

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